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Travel Documents

Our Visa & Immigration Department works closely with our Travel Consultants to ensure information is relayed to our clients as soon as it is available from the Embassy. At the time of ticket reservation, our Travel Consultants will relay all visa requirements for that particular travel specifying the duration of visa processing as well as the visa application forms required for completion. During the embassy processing time, our Visa tracking officer keeps an electronic visa log for all the visas that have been launched and the expected completion date vis-à-vis the client’s traveling date. With this, a quality check will always be done to avoid any inconveniences to our travelers.

We have a great working relationship with the Kenyan Immigration Department, which gives us a wealth of experience and the capacity to provide services such as:

  • Work Permits
  • Dependent Passes
  • Alien Card Registration
  • Special Passes
  • Cancellation of permits and passes
  • Endorsement of passports
  • Processing of all passes
Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend Travel Insurance during travel to deal with unexpected emergencies. We strive to provide the best and most flexible policies to all our clients. Through our local partner we offer insurance packages that covers various travel-related emergencies and we will not charge any facilitation fee but you will be required to pay the actual insurance costs you choose to take.

Insurance to cover the following risks:
  • Medical Expenses
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Premature Return In Case Of Death or Imminent Death Of Relative Or Business Associate
  • Legal Assistance Abroad
  • Terrorism
  • Cancellation Or Curtailment Covers
  • Hi-Jack – Public Conveyance
  • Kidnap and Wrongful Detention
  • Safari related incidents
Car Hire

Prep Safaris can provide you with a comprehensive vehicle rental service. Whether you just need to rent a car for getting around the city or off-road vehicles for some serious trekking, Prep Safaris is your answer.

Nissan sunny, Land Cruiser, Mazda prestige, Nissan-9 seater, Pajero intercooler to four-wheel drive in case of rainy seasons. To hire these cars, therefore;

a) Drivers age

The driver must be over 23 years and not over 70years of age with proper identification besides one's driving license.

c) Tariffs - The tariffs for self-drive vehicles are exclusive of fuel. - Chauffeur-driven vehicles have tariffs exclusive of fuel d) Deposits

A deposit of the approximate hire charge will be made on signing the hire contract and full charge for the estimated distance to be covered.

Hirer will be responsible for all equipment within & part of the vehicle and so, collision Damage Cover is highly recommended. This will help reduce the hirer's responsibility on any claim subject to the terms of the contract.

f) Security

Vehicles shouldn't be left in public places unattended for overnight, if anything, they may be parked on personal premises without charge and incase of theft of any personal effects from the vehicle, it is not covered by the insurance so take good care of the cars.

Conference facilitation & international exhibitions

Prep Safaris is one of the most experienced corporate travel agents in Kenya. We are experts in ensuring your business visits to Africa run smoothly and professionally. So whether you need someone to manage big events - like a major conference or an international exhibition - or just need to book some flights and accommodation, you'll be in safe hands with Prep Safaris.

Prep Safaris can handle all the arrangements for you. We can access the best flight deals; organise delegate welcoming and airport transfers; book hotels at good discounts; and manage the conference venue down to important details like badges, IT infrastructure and, of course, refreshments.

Airport Transfers

We provide well-scheduled and professionally executed airport transfer services. All our drivers are well experienced, trained and hold legal license. Our Meet and Greet team are stationed at the airport to offer further assistance.

Hotel Accommodation/Reservation

We can provide you any kind of accommodation you desire such as :Lodges, Camp sites, City Hotels, Beach Hotels, Youth Hostels, Guest Houses.

Just contact us and let us know what kind of accommodation you are looking for and we'll arrange it all for you from luxury hotels by the sea to campsites in the mountains.

Whatever your taste and budget and wherever you want to be, Prep Safaris can find the ideal accommodation for you. You may want the majestic view from the famous Treetops lodge or an inexpensive hotel in the city or a beach-side apartment. Our extensive knowledge of the hotels, lodges and hostels throughout East Africa is sure to find the perfect match for your requirements.

Air Ticketing

We use the Automated Global Distribution System (GDS) supplied by Travel Port and Amadeus for Flight and Seat Reservation, Airport Meet and Greet, Pick Up/Drop Off, Accommodation and Local Car Hire bookings which means that we can give instant service delivery with any carrier/lodge to/from any destination, worldwide.

In addition, we are affordable, safe, swift, efficient, reliable and proven to issue and deliver tickets within minutes in Nairobi to anywhere in the world at a click of a button.

Leisure Travel

Prep Safaris International has long been recognized as a leader in the East African Safari market. We have a tradition of offering superb Safari travel offering both luxury road safaris, private safaris and our popular wildlife safaris which are specifically designed by our experienced tour consultants. These can be arranged on a 24 hour basis to any part of East Africa. For wildlife lovers, these safaris will enable you to experience at first hand the marvel of Africa’s ecology.

Visit various wildlife habitats each having its own unique community of plants and wildlife, attractions and culture. Other safaris include:-

  • Camping safaris
  • Luxury tented safaris
  • Flying packages
  • Lodge safaris
  • Mountain climbing
  • Balloon safaris
  • Safaris on the beach
  • Water rafting
  • Sporting safaris
  • Educational safaris
  • Religious pilgrimages
  • Special interests
  • Ornithological safaris

Tailor-made itineraries can also be organised according to your needs to help you realize your dreams. This may include occasions like conferences, exhibitions, weddings and other special interest tours.

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